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BetGames.TV betshop application is a client, which interacts with BetGames.TV servers via SOAP webservice.

Webservice WSDL is located here:
Developers could use native .NET tools to import service definition. SOAP webservice standart is popular and could be used with mostly any popular programming language.
For webservice tests we also recommend free version of SoapUI


Each betshop should use its own credentials. Shop credentials are available on request to BetGames.TV support team.
After login webservice returns unique token, which is valid for some time (5-10 minutes).
This token could be kept in application memory.
This token should be sent with every webservice call (except for authentitication method of course).
Each successfull call refreshes token lifetime on server.

Data formats

  • datetime - format "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss", for example "2013-10-15T10:20:30".
  • boolean flags - sent as integer values, 0 - false, 1 - true.
  • odd values and amounts - sent as integer values (in order to exclude float rounding errors). Should be divided by 100 before visualization in UI.

Available methods:

Methods for accepting bets and payouts:

Inner reports:

Other methods: