Balance service API

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You can get your balance data from service by url:<partner ID>/<yyyy-mm-dd>/<yyyy-mm-dd>

Explanation of parameters

  • partner ID - ask BetGames.TV engineer.
  • yyyy-mm-dd/yyyy-mm-dd - Date difference that you needed. Maximum date range is 7 days.

Posible alerts

  • Export disabled!
  • Ip is not allowed!
  • Date range is missing!
  • Too many requests per second! - Limit is one request per 5 second.

NOTE: Our service support JSON output.


Export service url:

121/2014-09-09/2014-09-09/0/1 where:

121 - partner ID

0 - shop ID, 0 - all shops

1 - output format, 0 - JSON, 1 - XML

JSON example

<ShopName>TEST PARTNER SHOP</ShopName>

XML example